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A unique centralised recruitment service is putting Assist Resourcing UK Ltd at the cutting edge of its operations.

The new National Recruitment Centre (NRC) means quality, consistency and speed with the screening of on-site accounts, freeing up staff to focus on vital client delivery and support.

Heading up the centre is Jackie Campbell. She said: “The NRC is a unique service and our mission is to provide effective support and screening for our on-site accounts. This will free up on-site staff to focus on client delivery, support and performance management of our temporary workforce recruitment activity.”

With central control over recruitment at Assist as NRC manager, she explained: “In this way, we can ensure a standardised service across the board. All applicants are pre-screened to a consistent quality so clients see only the best and most suitable for their needs.

“Applicants have a consistent service too as it’s vital for their recruitment journey to be as informative and positive as possible, ultimately cutting down on churn and attrition.”

The creation of the NRC also means a speedy response to the increase in clients’ demands.

Jackie added: “We can now make sure job requirements are fulfilled in a quick and timely manner, something that’s vital when clients are entering ‘peak demand’ - the NRC basically irons out peaks and troughs.

“It’s already been proven that the centre is increasing quality and reducing the time spent on unsuitable applicants. This, in turn, is reporting greater satisfaction levels for clients and applicants alike and is freeing up Assist staff’s time to concentrate on the all-important client delivery and support.”

And for the future of the NRC, Jackie revealed: “The plans are to build on the good work already done at Assist prior to my appointment, using Advanced Excel and reverse engineering methodology to provide high level market intelligence so we can optimise fully our service to the benefit of the business and all our customers.”